Our portfolio of tech startups.


QuantSoft is building a quantum algorithm framework that will speed up the processing of data by ten thousand times.

Digital Asset Fund

The world's leader in digital real estate with unique data insights is transforming the domain name market from a CapEx model to an OpEx model.

(launching soon)

Th GULFx is a multi-asset brokerage created from a joint venture partnership between experienced Financial Services professionals in the City of London team and a regulated local partner with an existing customer base of retail traders in the MENA region.

(launching soon)

The first renewable energy infrastructure provider in the Bahamas that is enabling the transition from a dependency on expensive oil and gas with consistent blackouts to a hybrid renewable energy sources of wind and sun that is cheap, clean and consistently available, forever.

Dear tech startup founders, as Venture Partners of Cofounder Venture Studios there is a responsibility to deliver the highest quality service for tech startup founders. That responsibility is taken seriously and it’s more than a professional commitment, it’s personal. Founders of tech startups are visionary leaders that become global influencers. Anyone that support these founders play a fundamental role in shaping the economy, society and the environment.

Founders have big dreams and often commit every drop of energy into their tech startup. Founders face financial, reputational and pyschological risks and are vulnerable throughout their journey. Founders embrace the risks and their vulnerabilities because they know everything that makes them happy can equally makes them sad. Founders seek meaning, purpose and financial independence that are manifested through the creation of their tech startup. If founders “fail” to make their tech startup a success, they risk losing everything they love. Founders don’t “fail”, they just don’t succeed achieving their goals. Failure would be not starting at all. At Cofounder Venture Studios we celebrate founders courage for embracing vulnerability. 

We, Venture Partners, embrace the same vulnerability when we co-found tech startups by investing venture capital and human capital. We are serial tech startup founders, senior corporate executives and high net worth individuals, who have “failed’ many times but we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and continue the charge. The battle scars remind us how not to make the same mistakes again. The only thing that can hurt us is the pain of failing the people that we love and respect; founders and their tech startups. For us, it’s personal.

On behalf of the Venture Partners of Cofounder Venture Studios.