Better Venture Capital.

Co-founding smart startups together.




Only 1 in 10 tech startups become great businesses with traditional venture capital.
The challenges are lack of investment, unsupportive investors, inexperienced teams, high barriers to entry, being too late or too early to market, great tech but terrible marketing, great marketing but terrible tech. It’s tough turning a great opportunity into a great business.


The venture studio model means closer to 1 in 5 tech startups turn into great businesses because they receive the resources, the human capital as well as venture capital, to navigate the challenges that tech startups encounter.

What are we?


A venture studio providing a bespoke co-founding service for early stage tech startups with a blend of venture capital and human capital. 


Our Venture Partners are proven industry leaders and influencers. We prioritise integrity and professionalism while growing the number of Venture Partners that invest their time, network and money to become co-founders in early stage tech startups. 


We are passionate about investing in early stage tech startups. We identify, nurture and grow early stage tech startups to profitability, exit and IPO.

Co-founding tech startups.

Technology agnostic

We work across industries with a broad range of tech startups including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Quantum Computing.

Work as one

We look for brilliant minds, big ideas and rare opportunities. We co-found early stage tech startups and specialise in each stage of the lifecycle - Ideation, Product Market Fit, Scale-Up and Exiting.

Align vision & goals

We take on the responsibility to develop areas such as marketing, sales, operations, financial, human resources, et cetera. Only when our tech startups are profitable, exited or IPO'd, do we share the success.

The process

We evaluate new tech startups weekly. We invite tech startup founders to meet and together we discuss the big opportunity. We put together a plan with venture capital and human capital. We sign the deal and get cracking!


55 Baker Street, London, UK

San Francisco

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